Cigarbox Guitars

Unique Instruments, Hand-built by Ian Cormack-Hicks

I am Ian Cormack-Hicks. I am a local guitar teacher and I play in two local bands. When I’m not teaching or gigging I build Cigar Box Guitars.

I have built 3, 4 and 6 string models so far but I would fit any number of strings if requested. I will not build the same box twice so all of my creations are unique. I can build bespoke Box Guitars if anyone would like to commission one and my prices will always reflect value for money.

The boxes are tuned in a number on ways such as DGBD, GDAE, EEBE, CCGC and EG#BE but any combination is possible. I have attached some examples of previous builds. More to follow.

Prices start at £175.00.