Online sales

Over this recent lockdown period, we’ve been reviewing how best we can serve the needs of our customers, including those who have been shielding and unable to visit the shop.

Why haven’t we done this before?

Over the years we’ve had quite a few people asking if we had an online store, and to date we must admit this has been something we have stayed away from because for Intersound, our highest priority has always been our personal service. We have built our reputation on this over the years, and it’s very important to us that we never compromise on this first class customer service.

However, we recognise that some of our customers would like to be able to purchase online and so we have decided to begin offering a small selection of our range in our own online store, which you will find linked from the main website here.

As you can see above, we carry a lot of stock in the store, typically several hundred guitars at any time, but initially we will just be offering a small selection of our entry-level to mid range guitars, and some which we currently have on offer for special deals.  The online store is however directly linked to our till system and so any stock levels shown online will be an updated live directly from the till throughout the day.  This does also mean that if there is a particular product you’ve seen in the shop and you’re not able to visit us in person, if you let us know we could make it ‘live’ on the site within a few minutes for you.

We’ll see how this goes with the initial launch before we consider expanding the range available online. In the meantime we’d be very interested to hear from you if there is anything in particular you would like to be able to purchase online, including strings, accessories etc.

We’ll never be ‘box-shifters’!

It’s still our highest priority to offer our customers the same level of personal service we would in store, and all guitars sold online will still go through the same pre-sales setup process we’d do in-store for you.  If you purchase online, you’ll have the option to specify how you’d like the guitar set up, whether you’d prefer a lower action for example, and of course you will still be entitled to our complimentary check up and service after 3 months when your new instrument is played in a bit.

Personal Service for high-end instruments

At this time don’t feel it would be appropriate to offer our range of higher-end, hand-crafted guitars online,  both due to the inherent risks in shipping such an instrument, and also because we feel it is essential that anybody purchasing such an instrument plays it in person..

If, however, you have an interest in a particular guitar and would like to see it or hear it before visiting the shop then do please give us a call for up-to-date information on the higher and stock we curry. If appropriate we can arrange to send photographs, video, or arrange a person-to-person video call with one of our colleagues who will be happy to demonstrate a range of guitars for you live.