Guitar Effects can add a multitude of different variations to your guitar tone. They can also be used to create completely unique sounds.

Some effects can subtly ‘colour’ a sound, while others can transform it much more dramatically. Traditional guitar effects that have been around for years include distortion / overdrive, chorus, reverb, delays, wah-wah pedals and many more.  Modern pedals and multi-effects units often include more dramatic effects including amp modelling, pitch-shifting/harmonising and complex features such as sampling, looping, time stretching and pitch-shifting.

At Intersound we always have an good range of effects available, both as traditional individual pedals and some great multi-effects units too.

If you’re new to effects feel free to ask for some advice and we’ll be more than happy to take you through what they do and some typical set ups.

Beginner’s Guide: Introduction To Pedals

Keep an eye on the blog for some tips and tricks on effects selection, rig setup and more coming very soon!