Steve Smith

Founder / Managing Director

Tall guy with the beard, partial to a bit of acoustic picking. 

Hailing from an engineering background, in 1998 Steve decided to leave the rat race and do his own thing. That thing was Intersound Music Ltd.

He’s a keen guitarist, playing in two bands. He plays Acoustic guitar with his trio ‘Acoustic Phew‘ and bass in the rock covers band ‘Good Go No!

Denver Thirlwell

Sales Director

The New Guy!  

Den’s been a regular customer for many years, and recently joined the team as Steve’s business partner. He’s getting the hang of it slowly, he’s even learning all the terminology. Were hoping that soon he’ll learn that the long bit is called the ‘neck’, not the ‘arm’!   Joking aside, rumour has it that Den’s personal guitar collection is almost as impressive as the one in the shop!

Den’s musical career has been long and varied, from singer and guitarist from his own solo act right through to frontline guitarist/vocalist with a 10 piece soul band. Den is currently playing guitar, synth and vocals in a fantastic pop/rock and indie covers band called “Sound and the Sirens”

Norm Leete

The Mad Professor

With a background in software and electronics, Norm is the main man when it comes to service and repair of all things Electrickery.  He’s a synthesiser nerd with a passion for classic analog synths, effects and all kinds of fiendish devices which make wibbly-wobbly noises.  He’s also a keen guitarist, owning everything from a Steinberger to a Brook and a Chapman stick, though he has dedicated his life to making guitars sound like something else entirely.

Join our saturday buzzword sweepstake for what time Norm first mentions ‘Frippatronics’ or ‘Infinite delays’. Bonus points for correctly guessing what time he’s first play the opening riff from ‘wish you were here’.

Colin Dymond Profile Photo

Colin Dymond

The Part Timer

Colin’s been a part of the Intersound family for about 10 years now, he’s usually in the shop a couple of days a week often found playing B.B.King licks.

A professional entertainer for many years, and he’s really quite good at it. Partial to a bit of Magic, Colin is an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle and was awarded UK children’s entertainer of the year 2014.

Rich Olpin

Odd Job Boy.. ( Computer Geek )

Contrary to popular belief, Rich doesn’t actually work in the shop (though he spends more time there hanging around drinking coffee than some of the staff), and he’s the one guy who doesn’t play guitar!

Rich is our all-round computer nerd, responsible for the website, social media, all the fancy flyers, shop signs and the odd bit of business consulting type stuff (i.e. he suggests things for us to do and sends us a bill for it!).  If there’s something wrong with the website, or we’ve upset someone on social media, blame Rich!